5 Reasons why you should have Future Metals on your watch-list

With precious metals staging a renewed rally, Future Metals offers investors exposure to a Tier 1 PGM development opportunity with exploration upside – all in a first class location. In these brief blog, I’ll give you five reasons why you should add Future Metals to your watch-list. As retail investors navigate their way around aContinue reading “5 Reasons why you should have Future Metals on your watch-list”

Future Metals on the cusp of a major Cu-Ni-PGME sulphide discovery?

With the diamond drill programme underway at Panton – every hole so far drilled has intersected sulphide mineralisation indicating that Future Metals could be on the cusp of a game-changing discovery If we wound back a few years before the pandemic, the news that Future Metals have put out since the start of their drillingContinue reading “Future Metals on the cusp of a major Cu-Ni-PGME sulphide discovery?”

Contango: Closing in on first cash flow

A mix of coal and gold that give investors optionality and exposure to near-term cash flow generating projects Just under a year ago I produced a research note on Contango Holdings. At that time the companies focus was solely the LUBU coking coal project you can read more about that in the note Over theContinue reading “Contango: Closing in on first cash flow”

Positioning my Portfolio for 2021

I expect a challenging market in 2021 with a potential ‘bubble-burst’ on the horizon but that doesn’t mean there will not be opportunities ! With markets booming and shooting to new all time highs across the board, it’s easy to get caught up in the euphoria. Now more than ever in my opinion, investors needContinue reading “Positioning my Portfolio for 2021”

Tertiary Minerals (TYM) – Nano-Cap Speculative Metals Play

This week Tertiary announced a further copper project in Nevada. With a portfolio of base and precious metals the current market cap presents an interesting investment proposition Digressing slightly from the subject of this blog, late last year I came across a company called Alien Metals (UFO). They have an interesting portfolio of projects includingContinue reading “Tertiary Minerals (TYM) – Nano-Cap Speculative Metals Play”

Anglo Pacific ticks my boxes – 5 reasons why

I recently took a position in Contango Holdings PLC, a micro-cap company that are focused on coking coal and due to start production this year. This blog isn’t about that but you can read my research note here. For now the market is ignoring the stock but as they formalise off-take contracts which will triggerContinue reading “Anglo Pacific ticks my boxes – 5 reasons why”

Horizonte: A Major Step Closer to Production!

As I write this blog I’m struggling with a MacBook as unhappy about the temperature in my house as my poor dog so this is going to be a slow blog to write! In my recent blog Are Junior Resource Stocks about to Shine I mentioned that a few junior resource stocks could come inContinue reading “Horizonte: A Major Step Closer to Production!”

Are Junior Resource Stocks about to Shine?

This was something I was thinking about a year ago until Brexit, Trade Wars and COVID-19 spanked junior resource investors arses! It’s a really interesting market at the minute. The main indices have bounced back strongly but with the fallout of COVID-19 yet to play out will we see a ‘risk-off’ sentiment return? Thing isContinue reading “Are Junior Resource Stocks about to Shine?”