Amur ventures into Iron Ore

Amur Minerals (AMC) is a company I have followed for a long time. The investment proposition to date has been its nickel and copper sulphide Kun-Manie project in far east Russia. Many who follow me know that I am bullish on nickel due to anticipated demand driven by the stainless steel and EV battery sectors.Continue reading “Amur ventures into Iron Ore”

Horizonte: A Major Step Closer to Production!

As I write this blog I’m struggling with a MacBook as unhappy about the temperature in my house as my poor dog so this is going to be a slow blog to write! In my recent blog Are Junior Resource Stocks about to Shine I mentioned that a few junior resource stocks could come inContinue reading “Horizonte: A Major Step Closer to Production!”

Elon Musk has a message for Horizonte, he wants more Nickel!

I’ve held Horizonte Minerals (HZM) for a long period of time now, must be around four years or so from when I first researched the company. You can read my full research note here and my views on where I think Nickel could be going if the right dynamics play out. Given the bumpy rideContinue reading “Elon Musk has a message for Horizonte, he wants more Nickel!”