Quantum Blockchain – the next Unicorn?

It’s not often that you come across a unicorn and I don’t use the word lightly but I think Quantum Blockchain Technologies (QBT) has the potential to be one I hadn’t heard about Quantum Blockchain until recently invited to participate in the fundraise. With hundreds of companies to filter through on the AIM, this isContinue reading “Quantum Blockchain – the next Unicorn?”

Fintech & Crypto to Disrupt My Portfolio!

Mode Global Holdings is a Fintech company looking to develop a next gen financial eco-system for users and looking to disrupt the way consumers will make online and in-store payments! In my last blog I wrote about how I was positioning my portfolio for the remainder of 2021. You can read about what I’m doingContinue reading “Fintech & Crypto to Disrupt My Portfolio!”