Lets talk about ‘LETS’ baby

At £5m Market Cap, Lets Explore Group trades at c.40% discount to cash whilst it continues to offer its Home Based Entertainment VR offering and is homing in on a potential acquisition. Lets Explore Group is a technology business that offers a range of VR entertainment. The company as of its last results reported strongContinue reading “Lets talk about ‘LETS’ baby”

Tertiary Minerals (TYM) – Nano-Cap Speculative Metals Play

This week Tertiary announced a further copper project in Nevada. With a portfolio of base and precious metals the current market cap presents an interesting investment proposition Digressing slightly from the subject of this blog, late last year I came across a company called Alien Metals (UFO). They have an interesting portfolio of projects includingContinue reading “Tertiary Minerals (TYM) – Nano-Cap Speculative Metals Play”

Managing Risk & Exposure

If you are a relative newbie to the stock market then I’ve put this blog together to help you understand investing risks especially in the junior small cap stock market. If you are to succeed and not become one of the c.75% who lose money you must consider risk. As I write this blog, manyContinue reading “Managing Risk & Exposure”