Tlou Energy secure 10MW PPA

Tlou’s Gas to Power project received a boost on Monday when the company announced the award of the 10MW PPA (Power Purchase Agreement). This long awaited news now opens the door to a more lucrative scaled-up project to 100MW – a big boost for energy starved Botswana too! Tlou Energy featured in my recent blogContinue reading “Tlou Energy secure 10MW PPA”

Armadale Investor Video: Award of Mining License opens door to finance and production

It’s been a long wait for investors but Armadale Capital finally receive the Mining License award for their high purity, high grade graphite project in Tanzania. A pivotal moment for the company who can now close out finance and start production in the graphite market ‘sweet spot’ In my latest Armadale Capital investor video IContinue reading “Armadale Investor Video: Award of Mining License opens door to finance and production”

Contango: Closing in on first cash flow

A mix of coal and gold that give investors optionality and exposure to near-term cash flow generating projects Just under a year ago I produced a research note on Contango Holdings. At that time the companies focus was solely the LUBU coking coal project you can read more about that in the note Over theContinue reading “Contango: Closing in on first cash flow”

Tlou Energy adds Hydrogen into the mix

Tlou’s Gas to Power project will be complimented by a Gas to Hydrogen pilot in partnership with Synergen Met – an interesting development that should diversify the companies revenue streams and further appeal to ESG investors Tlou Energy featured in my recent blog where I selected three companies that I believe have been oversold and/orContinue reading “Tlou Energy adds Hydrogen into the mix”

Finding the ‘dogs’ that won’t bite !

Some of the biggest short term gains on the AIM market may surprise you – not for the faint hearted or without risk but here’s three that could deliver 100-500%! If you follow me on twitter or have read my research notes and blogs you may find the subject of this blog odd! It goesContinue reading “Finding the ‘dogs’ that won’t bite !”

Goldstone Investor Video

Welcome to Ghana’s next gold producer – do you have a seat at the table? I’m pleased to release my latest investor video on Goldstone Resources The company are progressing their two projects AK-HM in Ghana where the projects sit in one of the most prospective gold belts and just a stone’s throw from theContinue reading “Goldstone Investor Video”

Afritin – could the lithium trump the tin ?

Whilst the company continue tin production and have funded the mine expansion, we are expecting news any day on the lithium potential that could trump the lot! I first covered Afritin back in January (you can read my research note here). I was initially (and still am) attracted to the ‘pure-play’ tin exposure, given it’sContinue reading “Afritin – could the lithium trump the tin ?”

Is Horizonte in the buy-zone ? – I think so!

Having been round the circuit a few times, a while back I prepared for a quieter and lower volume ‘summer’ market. Many new investors from mid last year who have enjoyed the fruits of a buoyant market may not have experienced a weaker market, particularly on AIM. It can be somewhat sobering! You can readContinue reading “Is Horizonte in the buy-zone ? – I think so!”

Fintech & Crypto to Disrupt My Portfolio!

Mode Global Holdings is a Fintech company looking to develop a next gen financial eco-system for users and looking to disrupt the way consumers will make online and in-store payments! In my last blog I wrote about how I was positioning my portfolio for the remainder of 2021. You can read about what I’m doingContinue reading “Fintech & Crypto to Disrupt My Portfolio!”

Positioning my Portfolio for 2021

I expect a challenging market in 2021 with a potential ‘bubble-burst’ on the horizon but that doesn’t mean there will not be opportunities ! With markets booming and shooting to new all time highs across the board, it’s easy to get caught up in the euphoria. Now more than ever in my opinion, investors needContinue reading “Positioning my Portfolio for 2021”