Orcadian Energy Research Note

With the UK’s renewed focus on North Sea Oil & Gas, Orcadian Energy is set to be at the forefront of a lower carbon and ‘greener’ approach to Oil & Gas development with development ready projects in the Nort Sea that could see the company producing up to 50k bopd once in production

I’m pleased to release my latest research note on Orcadian Energy. Given the renewed focus on North Sea Oil & Gas and the UK Government establishing a dedicated task force to support North Sea Oil & Gas development, I’ve been looking out for micro cap UK companies that could be set to benefit and that have near-term development and production.

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Orcadian is relatively new to the market and should they succeed in financing the development-ready Pilot field in the North Sea which sports 79MMbbls of 2P reserves, the company will be on its way to a possible 50k bopd operation as additional licenses are developed through organic growth.

You can also see an interesting peer comparison in my note that shows a compelling valuation disconnect to peers and their resource.

You can read more in my research note here

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