Fintech & Crypto to Disrupt My Portfolio!

Mode Global Holdings is a Fintech company looking to develop a next gen financial eco-system for users and looking to disrupt the way consumers will make online and in-store payments!

In my last blog I wrote about how I was positioning my portfolio for the remainder of 2021. You can read about what I’m doing including how I have increased cash position, created a focused commodity pool and am expanding the Crypto related side of the portfolio here

Many are probably licking their wounds as they read this as the market has been coming off but as I said in my last blog there is still opportunity and I think one such opportunity is Mode. I’ve written a full research note on the company which you can read here

Mode is not just a crypto play, a mistake a few seem to be making! Yes you can trade Bitcoin and invest it to for a current 5% APY but that is one part of the offering albeit a pretty cool one as the reviews on the App Store speak for themselves.

I managed to catch up with Chairman Jonathan Rowland last weekend just to bounce a few questions I had off him and to more importantly discover what the vision for Mode is.

Basically, and you can read lots more in the note, the vision is to create a single next gen app that can meet all your personal finance needs including offering a simplified payments mechanism that disrupts the way we pay for goods today, specifically cards. This will have benefits for both the consumer and merchants and getting it right could be an incredible opportunity for both Mode and its shareholders.

They will be launching the new Mode ‘Super App’ in Q2 along with the Mode for Business platform that in unison link business to consumer in a frictionless manner, In fact simplicity whether it be trading Bitcoin or making payments is at the heart of Mode’s design DNA.

Get these right (and to be fair they have already got the Bitcoin trading side right) and the all important user take up, the opportunities are endless. Yes there is and will be competition of course but they have first mover advantage in open banking and benefit from a number of already onboarded merchants connected to WeChat Pay and Alipay.

There has been a persistent seller on the book, one can only assume pre IPO money given the IPO and subsequent raise were 50p and 55p respectively which in my opinion is offering a gift of an entry if you are patient.

There is plenty of news flow due however so it may not be long if Mode are hitting the right numbers before a more realistic valuation is achieved having recently touched the 80p area (currently 48p!)

I’m in!

Read the full Mode Global PLC Research Note


Research materials prepared based upon my own analysis and research. Accuracy cannot be guaranteed and research notes should not be taken as investment advice. Please always do your own research.


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