Fusion Antibodies Research Notes

I’m pretty new to the world of Pharma and like many others have been bowled over by the interest especially on the AIM market recently.  The interest has been largely driven by the development of COVID-19 with a number of companies looking at vaccines and a variation of diagnostics and potential treatments.

Fusion Antibodies offers a complete range of antibody-related services in Discovery, Engineering and Supply and have guided hundreds of projects through critical preclinical stages. With the advent of COVID-19 antibody development has certainly come into focus.

I’ve spilt my research notes up into two parts, Part 1 introduces the company and discusses anti-body humanisation, projects they are working on and introduces the MAL (Mammalian Antibody Library) the latter being a real game-changing opportunity for the company and shareholders.

In Part 2, I dive a bit deeper into the MAL and how it is being used to target an antibody therapy for COVID-19. The take-away though is that the MAL can be used for all sorts of targets including oncology and upon successful validation could yield up to £150m per successful antibody development!

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