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Lets talk about ‘LETS’ baby

At £5m Market Cap, Lets Explore Group trades at c.40% discount to cash whilst it continues to offer its Home Based Entertainment VR offering and is homing in on a potential acquisition. Lets Explore Group is a technology business that offers a range of VR entertainment. The company as of its last results reported strong…

Why 90% of junior mining companies will likely fail and why Blencowe could succeed!

It’s a fact that not many junior mining companies will make it to the big time but in this blog I explain why I believe Blencowe could As junior resource investors we are presented with literally hundreds of potential investment opportunities whether they be oil and gas or junior mining companies. Picking potential winners is…

Quantum Blockchain – the next Unicorn?

It’s not often that you come across a unicorn and I don’t use the word lightly but I think Quantum Blockchain Technologies (QBT) has the potential to be one I hadn’t heard about Quantum Blockchain until recently invited to participate in the fundraise. With hundreds of companies to filter through on the AIM, this is…

Blencowe make progress on securing funding for DFS with potential project funding option in the mix

Blencowe announced last week that its wholly owned Orom-Cross graphite project in Uganda has passed the key project screening test with the US’s Development Finance Corporation that should allow for a binding funding agreement for 50% of the DFS cost. Blencowe are rapidly progressing the development of their 100% owned Orom-Cross graphite project in Uganda…

5 Reasons why you should have Future Metals on your watch-list

With precious metals staging a renewed rally, Future Metals offers investors exposure to a Tier 1 PGM development opportunity with exploration upside – all in a first class location. In these brief blog, I’ll give you five reasons why you should add Future Metals to your watch-list. As retail investors navigate their way around a…

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